Jharkhand e-Pension: Your Ultimate Guide to Apply with GPF Number Application

In today’s digital age, the Jharkhand government has taken a significant step forward by introducing the e-pension portal, making the pension application process more streamlined and user-friendly. This article delves deep into the online retirement papers process for Jharkhand employees, ensuring that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Jharkhand e-Pension Application
Jharkhand e-Pension Application

Here’s the official information for the Jharkhand e-Pension:

Pension Namee-Pension Portal, Finance Department, Government Of Jharkhand
Official ContactContact Us Page
AddressRoom No. – 35, Ground Floor, Pension Section, Project Building Dhurwa, Ranchi, 834004
Official Websitejkuber.jharkhand.gov.in/jpension/

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What is the Jharkhand e-Pension Portal?

The Jharkhand e-pension portal is a digital platform designed to facilitate the submission of retirement papers by Jharkhand employees. This portal is a collaboration between the e-pension, Planning cum finance department, and various employee services. The primary aim is to simplify the pension application process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

How to Apply Online for e-Pension Papers

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Start by navigating to the official e-pension portal for Jharkhand State using the jkuber.gov.in link.
  2. Employee Login: Click on the “Employee Login” button, which will redirect you to the login page.
  3. Enter Credentials: Input your GPF number, password, and the provided security code. Once done, click on “Login.”
  4. Access Pension Papers: Hover over the top labels to find the “pension papers” option.
  5. Generate Pension Papers: Click on “Generate Pension Papers” and wait for the details to load.
  6. Fill in the Details: Ensure you fill out all the required fields in the online application form meticulously.
  7. Update and Forward: After entering all the necessary data, click on “Update” followed by “Forward to DDO.”
  8. Preview and Download: Click on “Print Preview” to view your e-pension paper. If everything looks in order, click on “Download e-Pension Paper” to save a copy.
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How to Check the Status of Jharkhand e-Pension

  1. Visit the Official Portal: Navigate to the Jharkhand e-pension portal by entering the jkuber.gov.in URL in your browser.
  2. Access the Employee Section: On the homepage, locate and click on the “Employee Login” button.
  3. Log in with Credentials: Enter your GPF number, password, and the provided security code. Once you’ve input the correct details, click on the “Login” button.
  4. Navigate to the Dashboard: Once logged in, you’ll be directed to your personal dashboard. Here, you’ll find various options related to your pension account.
  5. Locate the Status Option: On the dashboard, look for an option labeled “Pension Status” or a similar term. This option will allow you to view the current status of your e-pension application.
  6. View Your Status: Click on the “Pension Status” option. The system will display the current status of your e-pension, whether it’s “Pending,” “Approved,” “Rejected,” or any other relevant status.
  7. Additional Details: Some portals may provide additional details such as reasons for rejection, expected approval date, or any required actions from your end. Ensure you review any additional information or instructions provided.
  8. Log Out: Once you’ve checked your e-pension status and reviewed all necessary details, ensure you log out from the portal to maintain security.
  9. Seek Assistance if Needed: If you encounter any issues or have queries regarding your e-pension status, it’s advisable to contact the pension department or the helpline number provided on the portal for assistance.


  • How can I apply for a pension in Jharkhand?
    Jharkhand employees can apply for a pension online through the e-pension portal using their GPF number.
  • How many years of service is required for full pension in Jharkhand?
    The number of years varies based on the specific pension scheme and the department. It’s best to consult with the HR department for precise details.
  • What is the age limit for old age pension in Jharkhand?
    The age limit for old age pension in Jharkhand is typically 60 years, but there might be exceptions based on specific schemes.
  • Who is eligible for old age pension in Jharkhand?
    Any resident of Jharkhand who meets the age criteria and other specific requirements set by the government is eligible for the old age pension.

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The introduction of the e-pension portal in Jharkhand is a testament to the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of its employees. With this online system, the pension application process has become more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly. So, if you’re a Jharkhand employee nearing retirement, make sure to utilize this portal to ensure a smooth transition into your golden years.

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