Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme Status Check | Procedure to Apply for the Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme Status Check

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme Considering the variable nature of agriculture, the Government of Telangana has realized the critical situation of farmers. The farmers often get trapped in the never-ending cycle of indebtedness and liabilities The government came up with the Crop waiver scheme in 2018. The Scheme is focused on covering mostly short-term loans for agricultural production.

Also, it covers the loans taken by the farmers against the gold as a mortgage. One of the essential points of the Scheme is that it covers only institutional loans by lending agencies such as RRBs (Regional Rural Banks), Cooperative Credit institutions, Scheduled commercial banks, etc.

Key highlights of the Scheme

Name of the SchemeRythu Runa Mafi Scheme
Eligible PeopleFarmers
Total AmountUp to 1 lakh
Types of cropsAll kinds of crops
Status Checkhttp://clw.telangana.gov.in/
Nature of SchemeLoan waiver (short-term loan)

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme Status Check – The primary purpose of the Scheme is to facilitate agricultural activities, which are possible only when the farmers are free from debts. It enables the farmers to get rid of the loans as the Government aids them in repaying them.

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The farmers were helped to repay all the outstanding loans on 31st March 2014. However, due to the “uncertain” nature of agriculture, the farmers often fall into the cycle of debt. The Government formulated the Rythu Runa Mafi scheme (Crop Waiver scheme) again in 2018 to help the farmers repay the loan. 

Benefits of the Scheme to the Farmers

  1. The state Government will help eligible farmers to repay loans easily.
  2. In many cases, the loans are exempted or called off.
  3. The farmers are eligible to apply for the Scheme ranging from a cost of Rs. 25,000 to a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh.

However, the loans must be taken from an institutional lending service. Non-institutional loans, such as loans from moneylenders, landlords, etc., are not considered under this Scheme. 

Eligibility Criteria –The process of application for the Scheme is quite simple. The farmers can apply quickly and become a beneficiary under this Scheme. One must be a resident of Telangana and must have an Aadhar card. The applicant must be a farmer. The farmers can talk to the respective banking officials and generate other essential documents required. Loans that are issued before April 2014 and after December 2018 are not considered under the Scheme.

Procedure to Apply for the Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme

The farmers need to know the correct procedure for application, or else they may not get the chance to avail the benefit.

  • The first step is to open the official website that is the site for the Crop Loan waiver scheme. It is important to note that the farmer or the person filling out the form must open the official website. On the official website, one can see the application form. 
  • The application form will ask for some details. After filling out the required details, the concerned documents are uploaded. 
  • After uploading the documents, the application is submitted. If the application is submitted successfully, then an ID is generated.
  • The entire process seems to be incomplete if you will not remember or note your Reference ID properly. This is very much helpful in the future in order to have an idea about the current status of your application.
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Which documents are required for Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme?

For applying under any scheme, everyone must submit some documents. It is very important for the farmers to produce the Aadhar card and residence proof as the scheme is only eligible for Telangana residents. At the time of selection by the concerned department, the document verification ensures that you are a resident of Telangana.

The scheme is focused on providing aid for the poor farmers therefore, an income certificate ensures that the help is provided to the right person. Lastly, the Bank details and passbook details are necessary so that the money is sent to the beneficiary at the right bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for the Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme?

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme is one of the schemes specially focused for the people involved in farming in Telangana. To apply for this scheme, you must be a farmer belonging to Telangana and must provide with the Aadhar card and residence proof. The application process is simple and can be done easily by visiting the website and filling the form

What documents are required for Crop Loan Waiver Scheme Telangana?

For applying under the Crop Loan waiver scheme, only few documents are required and the steps for application are quite easy. You just need the Aadhar card, residence certificate and income certificate. Care must be taken that all the documents are correct and verified. Additionally, one must provide the bank details so that the department of agriculture of Telangana can send the required money to the beneficiaries.

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How can a farmer be benefitted by the Rythu Runa Mafi scheme? 

Telangana Govt ensures the eligible person must get the proper benefit of the Government scheme. So as a farmer one needs to go to the official website, fill the form and provide all the necessary documents to get the benefits. 

Who are the most eligible people to apply for the Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme in Telangana?

This scheme is introduced specially for the benefit of farmers belonging to Telangana. So, the farming community of Telangana comprises the most eligible person to apply for the scheme. However, the farmer must have taken a crop production loan for short term production and the maximum amount exempted is Rs. 1 lakh only. 


The Farmers take short-term crop loans and also many times take loans by keeping their assets such as gold as mortgage. The failure of agricultural crops in the upcoming seasons or the upcoming years has resulted in a never ending path of loans for the poor farmers. So, for the all-around development of the farmer society in the field of agriculture, the Telangana government had taken the step to reduce the monetary burden of farmers.

As a result, it introduced an amazing crop loan plan for the farmers named as the Rythu Runa Mafi scheme to provide loans up to Rs. 1 Lakh. It is a great step which will help not only the development of the agricultural sector in Telangana but also the commercial sector in which the agro-based products are used. Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme Status Check Here

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