कार्यालय, समन्वयक, प्री डी.एल.एड. परीक्षा एवं पंजीयक, शिक्षा विभागीय परीक्षाएं, राजस्थान, बीकानेर
Pre D.El.Ed. Examination,2019
प्रारम्भिक शिक्षा में डिप्लोमा (सामान्य / संस्कृत) प्रवेश परीक्षा, 2019
(Formerly Known as B.S.T.C)
Refund / Cancellation Policy
  1. Once payment is made the amount will not be refunded in any case. (in situationsof any refund/reversal, disputes, charge backs and duplicate cases.)
  2. If there is any query regarding the fee structure/ refund, displute and thing so on, applicants may contact at the Help Line No of Coordinator, Pre D.El.Ed. Exams.,Bikaner
  3. Transaction fees charged would not be refunded/ reversed for any refund or reversal and chargeback of any transaction.
  4. Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment.